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Mission, Vision, Values


Transforming the future of transportation for the public good.


The mission of OST-R is to transform transportation by expanding the base of knowledge to make America’s transportation system safer, more competitive and sustainable.
To do this, we:

  • Advance innovation, technology development, and breakthrough knowledge
  • Conduct research and facilitate multimodal research collaboration
  • Foster technology transfer through partnerships within the Department and with other partners
  • Provide useful information and statistics to decision-makers as they debate policies
  • Develop a highly skilled interdisciplinary transportation workforce for the nation

OST-R is a dynamic, world-class transportation resource with broad technical and institutional expertise not replicated elsewhere.


The leadership and employees of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology will strive to embody these core values in the execution of our mission.

COLLABORATION is our touchstone.  Both internally and externally, we recognize and promote the collective talents of the Department, our university partners, stakeholders and other agencies, by encouraging and fostering multi-modal teamwork and partnerships based on mutual support, cooperation and open communications.

We RESPECT individual diversity and the unique skills, experience, expertise and backgrounds of others.  We treat others in a polite and courteous manner and always try to maintain the respect of others through both word and deed.

We promote WORK-LIFE BALANCE in order to develop a more efficient and effective workforce.  We support our peers in both their professional and personal lives by providing the resources and an environment to succeed, as well as caring about and responding to personal and family needs.

We strive for PROFESSIONALISM by accepting personal ownership and accountability for serving the public interest and providing high quality and timely products and services.  We will strive for efficiency in the use of our resources (including personnel, finances and equipment).

As a research leader, we value INNOVATION.  We seek visionary ideas and encourage and guide others to work together to explore the best solutions to the problems facing America’s transportation system.  

We conduct ourselves and the work we do with HONESTY & INTEGRITY.  We operate to the highest standard of ethical conduct and fairness so we may maintain the trust of others.


Updated: Monday, April 13, 2015
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