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Digital Transportation Exchange


The Digital Transportation Exchange (DTE) would connect citizens, businesses, state and local governments, industry, entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors though a public private partnership like never before—creating a thriving marketplace for transportation solutions.

The DOT is interested in (1) engaging a wide variety of stakeholders on the potential for this initiative to connect people and technology for transportation innovation and (2) identifying partners to launch and manage this platform. Participate in this exciting dialogue through three easy steps:

Explore the Concept

DTE Graphic

Additional detail about the initiative concept can be found in the project concept and accompanying presentation.

Participate in the Conversation

There are several ways for you to provide your feedback and discuss this concept with the DOT. A few are highlighted below. For more details on how the Department will receive comments, please see the Federal Register Notice entitled “Notice of Market Assessment and Public Meeting for Digital Transportation Exchange.”

The DOT is looking for feedback on a few questions in particular, though general comments are also encouraged:

  • Use: How would you use the DTE? What transportation topics should the DTE focus on? How do you think the concepts of using shared /interactive technology (DTE) can best be used in the transportation industry? Given what you currently know about the use of DTE related concepts, are there any additional functions that would be needed for you to use it most effectively?
  • Connecting People: How can in-person /face-to-face interactions compliment the online DTE? If so, what kinds of activities would best connect people and technology to stimulate transportation innovation?
  • Managing Partners: Who are the critical partners that should be involved in launching and maintaining the DTE to ensure its success?
  • Challenges in Transportation Technology: In your opinion, what are the greatest challenges for integrating the use of shared/interactive technology (DTE) in the transportation industry?
  • Transportation Innovation: What strategies would you use to stimulate innovation in this era of using shared/interactive technology in the transportation arena?
  • Public Private Partnerships: Can you suggest specific opportunities to build public/private partnerships as they relate to the DTE?

Join the Conversation Online

  • Submit ideas, thoughts, and comment about our concept and partnerships
  • Comment on ideas and thoughts presented by others
  • Find out what people are talking about
  • The online comment period runs from August 11 through September 23

Review Materials from the Stakeholder Meeting Held at DOT Headquarters on September 16, 2011

The stakeholder meeting provided a forum for the Department to discuss any comments received to date on the concept and allowed stakeholders to work together on any of the outstanding issues remaining on the concept.

Stay Informed

Subscribe for updates on the DTE initiative to stay informed about:

  • The request for partners
  • Updates for developers, investors, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders on new opportunities to participate in the DTE

For more information on this effort and other DOT Open Government Initiative please refer to the DOT Open Government page at or contact the DOT Open Government team at

Updated: Wednesday, March 18, 2015
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