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Mayors' Challenge 7: Educate & Enforce

Educate and Enforce Proper Road Use Behaviors By All

A comprehensive education and enforcement program can be effective in reducing pedestrian and bicylist injuries and fatalities. Cities should publicize traffic safety laws and behaviors; educate their communities about the consequences of violating laws aimed at reducing pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and fatalities; and conduct enforcement where they will be most effective based on local crash data. Cities should also recruit local grassroots and community organizations to help educate and publicize enforcement efforts.

A comprehensive education and enforcement plan for pedestrian and bicyclist safety includes:

  • Educating drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists on safe driving, walking, and biking behaviors including: not drinking and driving or walking impaired, yielding to pedestrians, passing bicyclists safely, obeying speed limits, using crosswalks, and helmet use; and
  • Routinely conducting and enforcing relevant pedestrian and bicyclist traffic safety laws in identified high-risk locations.

What can we do to educate and enforce behaviors to reduce pedestrian and bicyclist deaths?

  • Collect and analyze data to determine high-risk times, locations, and behaviors that contribute to pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and fatalities
  • Develop and implement an integrated and consistent enforcement plan that focuses on high-risk times, locations, and addressing high-risk behaviors with a complimentary publicity plan
  • Train and brief law enforcement on program goals, objectives, and procedures to carry-out pedestrian and bicyclist enforcement efforts
  • Develop and implement a campaign to educate the public on laws, appropriate behaviors, and supports the bicyclist and pedestrian safety enforcement efforts
  • Engage public and private partners to create public acceptance and awareness of bicyclist and pedestrian safety education and enforcement efforts

What is available to help us educate and enforce safe behaviors?

U.S. DOT Resources

Updated: Thursday, May 14, 2015
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