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Explanation of Information in the Report

Information in the Reports

Each report contains the following information:

  • The name of the Operating Administration ("Mode")
  • The official title of the rulemaking
  • The popular title for the rule
  • The Regulatory Identification Number or RIN (used in rulemaking documents and in DOT's semiannual agenda)
  • The stage of the rulemaking (e.g., Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), Final Rule, Undetermined)
  • The history of any previous stage(s) of the rulemaking
  • A brief summary of the rule
  • A listing of the "Effects," if any (a list of effects and their defintions)
  • The prompting action, if any
  • A description of any statutory deadline for the rulemaking
  • The date when the rulemaking project was initiated
  • A schedule with selected milestones beginning with submission to the Office of the Secretary for review
  • An explanation for any delay
  • Federal Register citation for the current stage of the rulemaking (e.g., NPRM or Final Rule), if the document has been published
  • The public rulemaking docket number, if a docket has been opened

Color Codes

Each rulemaking also has a color code.  A rule may be green, yellow, red, or black.  A "green" designation means the rule is expected to meet the "originally scheduled date" for publication.  "Yellow" means the rule is not likely to meet the schedule.  "Red" means the rule is behind schedule; if red, an explanation will be provided for the delay.  Finally, "black" means the Department does not yet have a schedule for publication.


If a schedule changes, the "originally scheduled date" will remain the same and the new dates will be provided under the "new projected date" column. When the milestone date is accomplished, it will be provided in the "actual date" column.  The color code designation is based on the "originally scheduled date" for publication or a legal deadline, whichever is earlier.

Updated: Thursday, January 15, 2015
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