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Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company Smart Cities Analytics Team is a Stage II Finalist.

Stage II Finalist


RoadCode helps users make smarter safety choices by unlocking driver behavior codes hidden in near misses and perceptions. This tool will combine traditional crash data with connected vehicle and driver behavior, social media, and population data along with the Highway Safety Manual and Crash Modification Factors. With a user-centered design, the tool will help decision-makers uncover insights about safety opportunity areas, simulate potential interventions, and evaluate predicted impact.

Through an intuitive web-based platform, RoadCode users can:
• view traffic flow, travel patterns, and near-crash events to uncover safety operation areas; and
• choose infrastructure solutions based on specific conditions and see predicted impacts of an intervention.

Challenge Tracks: RoadCode is a Simulation Tool for providers/operators focused on high risk factors.

Watch RoadCode's development from ideation to proof of concept:   

Stage I Ideation Video

Stage II Proof of Concept Video

Updated: Friday, April 5, 2019
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