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VHB is a civil engineering, planning, and design firm and a Stage I semi-finalist.

Stage I Semi-finalist

My Street

My Street is an evidence-based tool that helps the decision-maker “see” safety improvements from a pedestrian’s perspective. Using a gamification technique, the sketch-level planning tool will use pedestrian avatars with different capabilities, presenting multiple viewpoints, to improve pedestrian safety based on user-uploaded, local data and pre-loaded, local socio-economic data. With a user-centered design, the person-based risk tool identifies locations with the greatest risk to pedestrians and supports transportation planners with a systemic approach to pedestrian safety.

Through an intuitive web-based platform, My Street users can:
• identify and prioritize safety operation areas through a systemic analysis method and propose specific countermeasures which then influence an avatar's safety health score; and
• visually communicate the impact of interventions so that vulnerable populations' needs are better understood by decision-makers and the public.

Challenge Tracks: My Street is a Discover Insights Tool for policy makers and influencers, providers/operators, and the public focused on vulnerable system users.

Watch My Street's development from ideation to proof of concept:

Stage I Ideation Video

Stage II Concept Video

Updated: Wednesday, January 2, 2019
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