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Office of the Secretary FOIA Information

The Office of the Secretary (OST) formulates national transportation policy; prepares needed transportation legislation; helps negotiate and implement international transportation agreements; assures the fitness of U.S. airlines and enforces airline consumer protection regulations. It also issues regulations to prevent alcohol and illegal drug misuse in transportation systems; assures lack of discrimination against people with disabilities; promotes intermodal transportation; issues licenses for commercial expendable space launch vehicle operations and encourages minority enterprises in transportation.

2012 Chief FOIA Officer's Report

We are pleased to demonstrate in this third annual Chief FOIA Officer report that DOT has made strong progress in reducing backlogs, making proactive disclosures, applying the presumption of openness, ensuring that DOT has effective systems in place to respond to FOIA requests, and using technology to increase the timeliness of our disclosures.

Chief FOIA Officer's Reports

The DOT-wide FOIA Office provides direction, leadership, guidance, and assistance to the FOIA offices throughout DOT.  This office hosts a monthly DOT-wide meeting for FOIA offices within DOT and coordinates the overall FOIA annual report for the Department, as well as the Chief FOIA Officer report.  The DOT FOIA Officer also serves as the FOIA Officer for OST.

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